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Although much is known about Andhra Pradesh’s new Deputy CM Pavan KalyanDid you know that the Telugu superstar-turned-politician was married to a Russian throughout his professional life? Meet his wife Anna LezhenevaShe was a former model and actress. Read on to know more about the power couple here.
‘Power StarPawan Kalyan first met Anna Lezheneva in 2011, when the duo worked together in the movie ‘Teen Maar’.During this time, Pawan Kalyan was going through a difficult period in his personal life. He filed for divorce with his second wife Renu DesaiThe person he is in a new relationship with. But fate had other plans in this regard. Jana Sena Party The (JSP) leader officially divorced Renu in 2012. Meanwhile, Pawan and Anna grew closer and finally got married on September 20, 2013, nearly two years after they met each other.
Even though Anna Lezheneva is a former Russian actress and Pawan Kalyan is a Telugu superstar, the couple has accepted their cultural differences and lifestyles quite well. Pawan even adopted Anna’s daughter from her previous marriage, named Polena Anjana Pawanova, and the girl grew up with Anna’s other three children. In 2017, Anna and Pawan welcomed their first child together, whom they named Mark Shankar Pawanovich. Pawan Kalyan’s third wife Anna has also been a great supporter of his in his political journey.
Relationship tips borrowing from intercultural marriages

Pawan Kalyan (Telugu) – Anna Lezhneva (Russian)

Kalyan met his third wife, Anna Lezhneva, a Russian citizen, during the filming of Teen Maar (2011). They got married under the Special Marriage Act in September 2013 at a Sub-Registrar Office in Hyderabad. The couple has a daughter, Polena Anjana Pawanona, and a son, Mark Shankar Pawanovich.

The cross-cultural marriage of Pawan Kalyan and Anna Lezheneva is a beautiful example of love that transcends all boundaries. Despite their cultural and racial differences, the couple found love and friendship in each other. Whether it is their personal and professional life, their traditions and culture, they have accepted each other very well and their 10-year marriage is a proof of this.
About Pawan Kalyan’s past marriages and divorces
For those who don’t know, Anna Lezheneva is Pawan Kalyan’s third wife. She was previously married to Nandini; It was an arranged marriage, but their marriage did not stand the test of time. Meanwhile, he was in a live-in relationship with actress Renu Desai for a long time and the former couple even had their first child together out of wedlock in 2004. Pawan and Nandini divorced in 2008 and the actor later married Renu in 2009. Pawan and Renu later welcomed their second child, but in 2011, problems began to arise in their marriage. They officially divorced in 2012.
Pawan Kalyan married Anna in 2013.

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