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In the age of social media, transparency and openness have become fundamental values ​​beyond social stigmas. Celebrity makeup artist Omair Waqar recently exemplified this ethos by sharing his transformative cosmetic surgery journey with his followers on Instagram. Through a series of videos and photos on her Insta Stories, she educated everyone about the procedure with the aim of normalizing the discussion around cosmetic procedures and providing valuable insight for those considering similar steps in their lives. I told.

Omair’s journey began with the decision to get a nose job, a personal choice he was eager to share. She stressed the importance of being open about cosmetic procedures, acknowledging that people can often sense when changes have been made to someone’s appearance. By coming forward, she hopes to demystify the procedure and reduce any stigma associated with cosmetic enhancements.

Omair expressed his intention to share the journey openly, saying, “Just wanted to let you know that the video you’re watching right now is my journey over the last 10 days. I was recording so I could share everything. “I can share it with.”

Undoubtedly a courageous move, Omair chose to travel alone for his surgery. However, he stressed that such a choice requires mental and physical fortitude, especially considering the challenging period after surgery. “Don’t pay attention to my eyes. That’s because there’s a lot of pressure on my face and it’s almost impossible to talk. The swelling is increasing slowly and gradually. Also, I forgot to mention, I went for surgery “Decided to travel alone and it’s something I would not recommend unless you are very strong mentally and physically. The time after surgery will not be easy.”

The initial days involved a lot of discomfort, swelling and challenges in basic functions like breathing and eating. He candidly shared the difficulties he faced, including an excruciating episode of persistent nose bleeding, which was a harrowing experience for someone new to surgical procedures. Omair recalled a key moment during his early recovery, “The moment I really panicked. My nose was bleeding constantly. I changed 8 bandages in 45 minutes.”

Over the next days there was slow but steady improvement, the swelling went down and the discomfort gradually subsided. Omair explained the transition from liquid to solid foods, the challenges of chewing, and adapting to changes in your daily routine. “The swelling is better. I am taking some soups. There is still a lot of discomfort. I had to be on a liquid diet for about the first five days. You are allowed to take solid food after 24 hours but believe me, it is not possible to chew.”

As the days progressed, Omair started feeling much better. “The swelling has gone down, and I can switch to solid food. I’m not bleeding today. Just a few drops but not like yesterday. I have an appointment tomorrow, and they’ll decide if they should remove my bandage or No. I will see my nose for the first time but I will see the final results after a year. But I really want to remove it from my face now so that I can at least wash my face,” he lamented.

Omair’s resilience and determination shined through, demonstrating her ability to adapt to her post-surgery lifestyle. He celebrated small victories, like getting out of his room after six days and finally having the bandages removed. These milestones mark important moments in their journey, providing a glimpse of their transformed self and creating a sense of hope and excitement for the future.

“The tenth day was when I could finally talk. No pain, no bleeding. It was a happy day for me. I’m going to the clinic now and they’ll take off my bandages. So today I’m finally going to see my nose. Will continue to share progress with everyone. For those who are concerned about my injury and the cap, I am not allowed to wear sunglasses for three months and I cannot show the injury in the sun because that way the injury Will become permanent.”

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