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In his latest creative offering, Pakistani singer Hassan Rahim has released the official music video for his collaborative record Best wishes It features Indian singer Talwinder and is produced by Umair. The song was initially released as part of Rahim’s five-track EP on September 2, along with a lyric video. maybe, it’s love,

Rahim reminisces about a lost relationship in this poignant composition, which fits seamlessly into the contemporary indie pop and R&B landscape. With songs that reminisce about both happy moments and mistakes made, Best wishes It stands as an honest introspection, highlighting the familiar regrets that follow a breakup.

Hasan Rahims wishes come true as he leaves the track

The music video nods to this final stage between loss and gradual acceptance with scenes of a wounded Rahim hanging from a tree in paratrooper gear. The lack of speed is compared to flashbacks shown of him driving a motorcycle, which are occasionally interrupted by blue and red flashes to indicate an impending road traffic accident. Highlighting the transition between timelines, the flashbacks are monochromatic with a 4:3 aspect ratio.

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The superimposition works as an interesting choice of crosscutting to hint at both her emotional turmoil and her disorienting bike accident. The lonely otherworldliness of the tree standing in bright sunlight – in contrast to the darkness that looms over the rest of the video – suggests a supernatural bond but will Rahim ever be able to escape the whirlpool of guilt? Music video doesn’t respond.

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1702014320 621 Hasan Rahims wishes come true as he leaves the track

Meanwhile, much to the delight of fans, Talwinder gets ample screentime, wearing a devilish face paint, as if Rahim is his own devil of the night. For many social media users, the Indian singer is a go-to tune for a common tune. One post read, “Talwinder clearly overshadowed him,” while another bluntly declared, “Without Talwinder this song would have flopped.”

However, others are clearly thrilled with this cross-border collaboration. “The love I have for this song,” gushed one ex user. Highlighting the song’s replayability, one fan commented, “Will I ever get tired of this song? Will I ever recover from this collaboration? No.” “[This is] Even bigger than the GTA VI trailer for real people like me,” argued another user on X.

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