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OPINION: We’re big fans OnePlus 11 Here at Trusted Reviews – this is our 2023 Phone of the Year award at this year’s Awards after all – but I’m all about the next big thing, and the first OnePlus 12 teaser has really got me looking forward to the 2024 flagship.

That’s because OnePlus this week officially released the first teaser images and details about its next-gen flagship; including a photo that gives a pretty good look at the back of the smartphone – and it’s beautiful.

My eyes are immediately drawn to a new pattern on the back of the smartphone, also in OnePlus’ signature green hue.

Called the Flowy Emerald colorway, the company used the phone’s camera to take an aerial photo of the River Dart and printed the design onto the back glass using AR technology. It is a unique finish in a sea of ​​smartphones with flat glass or matte backs that will undoubtedly significantly increase the appeal of the flagship.

First OnePlus 12 teaser
First official look at OnePlus 12

The more eagle-eyed will also notice that the famous Alert Slider has moved from the right of the device to the left of the device, along with the volume rockers and power button; This is something OnePlus confirmed with the release of the teaser images.

The simple reason for relocating is to improve connectivity while gaming. The company found that the optimal antenna placement when held in a horizontal orientation is between the user’s index fingers; This is the area occupied by the Alert Slider.

By moving the Alert Slider to the other side of the phone, there is room to reposition the antenna, and OnePlus claims that online gaming latency is reduced by an average of 15% as a result.

You’ll also notice the return of the side-mounted circular camera housing. This design first appeared on this year’s OnePlus 11, and although it’s quite large, it’s certainly unique. You certainly won’t have any trouble spotting the OnePlus 12 from a sea of ​​similar-looking smartphones.

There appear to be a few changes to the camera housing, including a raised bezel around the central circular housing. The LED flash has also been moved outside the main housing to match the foldable OnePlus Open.

However, when you look even closer, you’ll see something else that’s completely new for the OnePlus 12; a periscope lens located to the left of the sensor housing, complete with its distinctive rectangular lens shape. Zoom in and you’ll see ’70mm’ and ‘f/2.6’ markings next to the lens, indicating that it will offer at least 3x optical zoom.

Cropped version of the main OnePlus 12 teaser showing the lenses
Periscope lens described

The OnePlus 12 design announcement included the aforementioned Dart River image shot at 3x on the OnePlus 12, confirming this year’s model’s jump from 2x to 3x. However, this could be achieved with a fixed 3x telephoto.

Considering periscope lenses are used for higher zoom levels, I wouldn’t be surprised if the OnePlus 12 matches or even surpasses the OnePlus Open’s 6x in-sensor zoom.

An image taken on OnePlus 12
An image taken on OnePlus 12

Combine this with leaks that the OnePlus 12 will be one of the first phones to run the GenAI-focused Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, and we could see a particularly exciting 2024 flagship from OnePlus – but for now we’ll have to wait and see. There’s no doubt that OnePlus will continue to tease some elements of the phone ahead of its launch, whenever that may be.

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