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To keep track of your favorite gadgets, keys, backpack or other valuables, Tile Mate item trackers provide great peace of mind. You can save a few quid on a single tracker today.

Amazon United Kingdom I’m selling Tile Mate (2022) for just £14.99. That’s a saving of 25% or £5 off the regular price of £19.99. If you need to expand your options, this is a great deal and is definitely cheaper than the Apple AirTag.

Get Tile Mate (2022) now for 25% off at £14.99

Get Tile Mate (2022) now for 25% off at £14.99

Get the highly rated Tile Mate (2022) now for just £14.99 at Amazon. Enjoy a 25% discount on this premium product finder, saving you £5. Never lose your keys or phone for long periods of time.

We don’t see many serious discounts on Tile trackers, especially right after Black Friday. So this would be a great stocking stuffer for that person in your life who can never find their keys and constantly leaves their purse or purse behind.

Tile connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and you can use the Tile app to play a sound to make it easier to find the faulty item. Great if you’re in a hurry. If you leave something behind, the app will show the last known location. Other Tile viewers and users can also be used to follow it.

If you are trying to find your phone and you are holding the Tile tracker in your hand, you can press the button; A tone will be heard from the phone.

As you can see from our price tracker, this is the cheapest price the Tile Mate (2022) has seen in a month. Meanwhile, the Keepa tracker shows that the price is not cheaper this year.

Is Tile Mate (2022) worth buying?

Never lose your keys again with Tile’s handy little finder


  • beautifully made
  • Good Bluetooth range
  • Three year battery


  • Battery cannot be replaced
  • Bluetooth only
  • No ultra broadband

As you can see from the review summary above, we like the affordability, the strong and direct detection radius, the ease of slipping on the keychain, and even on your dog’s leash. There is greater accuracy than previous generations and the battery lasts three years. While the app has some really useful features like 30-day location history, we found its 250ft range claims to be borne out in testing. Some of the more advanced features require a Tile Premium subscription.

Our reviewer concluded: “If you’re someone who frequently loses their keys or wants to know where their cat is at any given moment, The Tile Mate (2022) could be an essential purchase.

“Bluetooth range is decent, the noise it makes can be heard from around 50 meters away, and the Tile network is reliable for finding your devices as long as people are around. “It may not have the ultra-wideband support of Apple’s AirTags, but as the cheapest member of the Tile family, the Mate makes perfect sense.”

If you want to learn more, be sure to check out our comprehensive Tile Mate (2022) review.

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