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There’s a reason to choose the Nxtpaper 14 Pro over other tablets, whether Android or iPadOS, and that’s the Nxtpaper 3.0 display.

  • Nxtpaper 3.0 screenBrighter matte screen is great to read


The fight for Android tablets is always trying to stand out in a crowded and somewhat boring market; This does not seem to be an issue for TCL Nxtpaper 14 Pro.

It’s a large Android tablet with a great feature: a screen designed to be easy on the eyes and enjoyable to read.

I spent a long time with the TCL Nxtpaper 14 Pro at the CES 2024 show and here are my initial thoughts.

Price and Stock Status

TCL hasn’t confirmed pricing or a release date other than ‘Early 2024’, but there will likely be more information as we approach MWC towards the end of February.

Design and Display

  • Nxtpaper 3.0 display technology
  • Standard Android tablet design
  • An image that is easy on the eyes

Nxtpaper 14 Pro is a tablet focused on offering a different display experience to the rest of the market. While some of the best Android tablets compete on HDR performance and resolution, TCL is instead more interested in making a tablet that’s great to read and comfortable on the eyes.

The brand’s Nxtpaper technology is not new. It’s been used on phones before, along with other Android tablets, but using it on a large 14-inch tablet is the smartest move yet, and this is the best version of Nxtpaper I’ve used to date.

TCL says this matte display technology filters out more blue light than traditional displays, and Nxtpaper 3.0 boosts brightness levels by about 10% to roughly 700 nits, while also adding a faster 120Hz refresh rate and DC Dimming support to reduce flicker.

TCL Nxtpaper 14 Pro on-screen
Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

My favorite feature, though, is a new mode that replaces the color interface with a grayscale interface, turning this tablet into something not so Kindle-like. The display here isn’t e-ink, but it does a very good job of mimicking the benefits. I started reading a book during my demo and instantly the experience was better than any iPad.

But the problems remain and they are easy to spot even during a short demo. Although brightness levels have increased, the screen still looks a bit washed out, especially when compared to other high-end Android tablets. At CES, I had to increase the brightness level to maximum to be able to read the screen comfortably. This isn’t the best starting point.

It’s also not the best screen for video, but that’s usually the case with dense matte screens. The punch of the glossy screen isn’t there and everything looks a bit washed out and flat.

TCL Nxtpaper 14 Pro bottom screen
TCL Nxtpaper 14 Pro 9

I’ve rarely found TCL’s mobile offering to be pretty, and the 14 Pro remains a boring tablet to look at. The sides are flat, while the back has a very large circular camera module and some pins for attaching accessories.


  • Fast charging
  • Capable MediaTek chip and 256 GB storage

Once you get away from the display tech, the rest of the Nxtpaper 14 Pro is generally much more than I’d expect from an Android tablet.

TCL Nxtpaper 14 Pro camera
TCL Nxtpaper 14 Pro 10

It has a MediaTek Dimensity 8020 chipset, 12 GB RAM and 256 GB storage, as well as a 50 MP camera on the back. The 33w charge will get you from 0 to 100% quickly, and a stylus is included that works perfectly with the Nxtpaper display.

TCL Nxtpaper 14 Pro back
TCL Nxtpaper 14 Pro 11

Early Decision

There’s a reason to choose the Nxtpaper 14 Pro over other tablets, whether Android or iPadOS, and that’s the Nxtpaper 3.0 display.

The 14-inch 2.8K panel is great for reading and looks more like paper than glass when paired with a pen. It’s a very smart and unique feature that I want to use more of.

If you want a tablet for reading instead of watching Netflix, this might be the best tablet for you.

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