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This deal on Amazon Kindle Scribe is the flexible e-reader’s cheapest deal yet. And oddly enough, Amazon is not a retailer!

Currys takes charge here. Selling Amazon Kindle Scribe with stylus for £264. That’s a saving of £65 off the £329 retail price.

Get Kindle Scribe at the lowest price ever

Get Kindle Scribe at the lowest price ever

The Amazon Kindle Scribe offers a 10.2in screen for reading and writing, and its price is now down to just £264.

  • curries
  • was £329
  • Now £264

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If you’re not au fait, the Kindle Scribe is a larger version of the e-reader series you know and love, combined with the ability to write, annotate, and even draw on an e-ink-only display. The idea is that you can write as naturally as you would on paper.

It has a 10.2-inch screen, making it perfect for PDFs and textbooks. Helpfully, the pen magnetically attaches to the side of the Kindle Scribe so you don’t need to charge it.

It has a 12-week battery life and 16GB of storage allows you to store thousands of books. There’s Bluetooth connectivity if you prefer listening to audiobooks, and a backlight if you like reading in bed.

We reviewed the Kindle Scribe when it arrived last year and enjoyed its great pen and sharp screen. While our reviewer wasn’t entirely sold on this first-generation product, he did say: “As a first-generation device, Scribe shows a promising future for this new breed of Kindle. The quality of the hardware is excellent, and the actual typing experience is near perfect. The big screen is also an absolute joy to read on.”

There are still some elements to work out, including the lack of physical page turn buttons and some software quirks that could put off some.

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