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It’s time for a new version of the winners and losers list, and it doesn’t take much to guess who our winner is this week.

Apple held its biggest launch event of the year on Tuesday, with the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro phones being the stars of the show. Meanwhile, Nintendo shared sad news about the future of the mobile racing game Mario Kart Tour.

iPhone 15 colors

Winner: Apple

Our winner is Apple, after the company announced a small change at this week’s launch event that had previously been the subject of rumors and expectations for years.

The company is finally eliminating the Lightning port on the iPhone 15. The new iPhone will instead follow the USB-C charging standard, which is currently shared by hundreds of Android phones and other technological devices on the market.

Not only will this make it easier to switch from one smartphone to another at a time when charging bricks are rarely included in the box, but it also means Apple users can use the same cable to charge everything from their iPhones to their phones. macbook

Of course, the ubiquity of USB-C isn’t the only reason we’re excited about Apple moving away from Lightning. USB-C also offers faster charging and faster data transfer speeds; The latter is something we can already see on the iPhone 15 Pro.

All in all, the switch from Lightning to USB-C is a long-awaited little change for Apple, and we can’t wait to experience the benefits it will bring to the iPhone in the coming years.

A scene from the Mario racing game called Mario Kart

Loser: Nintendo

This week’s loser is Nintendo, after the company announced that it will not be updating Mario Kart Tour with new content starting next month.

The last round update will be the Battle Round, coming on October 4th. All subsequent content will be tours we’ve seen before, including the upcoming Halloween Tour.

Nintendo confirmed in an in-game message: “Starting 04/10/2023, no new tracks, drives, karts or gliders will be added following the Battle Tour.” VCG). “We hope you continue to enjoy playing Mario Kart Tour.”

We’re glad to hear that Mario Kart Tour doesn’t seem to be going anywhere just yet, but the end of new content is definitely sad news. It’s been four years since the game first came to our smartphones in September 2019, and in that time it has become a popular title for both iOS and Android players.

On the positive side, the rumors surrounding Mario Kart 9 are increasing, making us hopeful that a sequel to 2014’s Mario Kart 8 is finally on the horizon.

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