HomeSportsMajor changes are expected in PCB's policy regarding NOC for franchise leagues.

Pakistani cricketers have been raising issues regarding NOC (No Objection Certificate) for cricket leagues and at times the board has been criticized in this regard.

However, it has now been agreed to create a comprehensive policy under which players from outside the national pool will be given NOC immediately on request.

The recent policy involves going through a complex process, but now players who are not part of the national team will be issued NOC by the board without any delay. An officer associated with this case has said that they do not want to stop anyone from earning livelihood. Any player who is not currently involved in international cricket will be allowed to participate in as many leagues as they wish.

Moreover, the process is being simplified and NOC will be issued immediately on request. The role of the chief selector and coach will also be limited.

It is noteworthy that Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had earlier introduced a policy of taking $10,000 from a player’s team for NOC, but now changes are being made in this policy. Consideration is also being made to abolish this fee for players outside the national pool. A proposal to not charge players any fees for participating in minor leagues is under consideration.

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