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France coach keeps tactics under wraps amid Euro 2024 leaks |


French midfielder Adrien Rabiot has claimed that coach Didier Deschamps was forced to keep his tactical plans to himself, even with his players, because they were made public ahead of European Championship matches.

Deschamps reportedly changed both the squad and tactical approach just hours before last Friday’s quarter-final win over Portugal, and did not tell the players the line-up until they boarded the bus on the way to the stadium.

French sports daily L’Equipe reported at the weekend that Deschamps’ pre-match planning and his usual way of informing players had changed several times during the tournament, and Rabiot confirmed that this was indeed the case.

“It’s probably more about wanting to hide something from you than from us,” Rabiot told reporters at a news conference on Monday ahead of the semi-final between France and Spain on Tuesday.

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“There is inevitably collateral damage. It’s difficult for a coach when he’s trying to implement his strategy because information leaks out before the session is over. It’s frustrating to see that when you’ve worked really hard on something, by the end of the session it’s already in the media.

“It’s a shame for us and for you too, because when it leaks out, it sends a message to the opponents about the things we’re trying to work on. We try to keep everything up our sleeves until the last minute, until the very beginning of the match,” Rabiot added.

“The coach tried to cover his tracks. He worked with us on different formations. But even if he changes the formation at the last minute, we know exactly what we need to do in each of these different formations. You always have to be able to adapt if you are a high-level footballer.”


Rabiot, who is expected to return to the squad after being suspended for France’s final match, suggested Spain would face more pressure on Tuesday than they have faced so far at Euro 2024.

“We are unanimous that this is a team that plays best when it has the ball. It is a close-knit team, but we are confident and know what to do,” he said.

“They are a team that needs to move and so far their opponents have allowed them to play a lot. We will see how they play tomorrow because teams often change their game when they play France.”

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