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Andres Iniesta and Barcelona president Joan Laporta continued their criticism of federation president Luis Rubiales on Sunday, ahead of a possible government sanction against the suspended Spain chief.

Rubiales, 46, was on Saturday provisionally suspended for 90 days by FIFA and the Spanish government is aiming to issue its own measures after kissing midfielder Jenny Hermoso on the lips at last Sunday’s Women’s World Cup final. Is.

Hermoso says the kiss was non-consensual, despite Rubiales’ claims to the contrary, and 81 players on the women’s side went on strike in protest after the federation chief refused to resign.

Spain’s Sports Minister Mikel Iqueta said the government would ask the country’s sports court (TAD) to meet on Monday to decide whether to accept the government’s complaint against Rubiales.

Iniesta said Rubiales’ behavior was “damaging the image” of Spanish football and “tarnishing” the team’s achievement of lifting the World Cup trophy for the first time.

“After what happened this week, I want to express my sadness as a person, as a father of three daughters, as a husband and as a footballer,” Iniesta wrote on his social networks.

The 2010 men’s World Cup winner said, “We cannot tolerate the kind of acts that we have seen, which have tarnished the great milestone of winning the World Cup.”

Most of the coaching staff of the women’s team have also offered their resignations.

On Sunday, the Spanish Football Federation’s (RFEF) sexual violence protection representative clarified that an “investigative process” was underway.

“I can’t imagine the feeling that all the national team players must be feeling at the moment, how they are not talking about this great tournament,” the former Barcelona star added.

“Instead, we’ve had to deal with a president who is stubborn in his position, who has not acknowledged that his behavior is unacceptable and is damaging the image of our country and our football around the world.”

Barcelona president Laporta said the football world was convinced Rubiales would step down last Friday after he made a defensive speech at an emergency RFEF meeting.

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