HomeSportsWatch: Heated argument between Sarfaraz and Saud Shakeel during practice session

Sarfaraz Ahmed and Saud Shakeel had a heated exchange during Pakistan’s training session in Canberra ahead of the upcoming Test series against Australia.

A video capturing their argument surfaced on a YouTube channel, revealing the conversation between the two Karachi players.

“How long will I continue to be of use to you?” Shakeel asked a question.

Sarfaraz responded by saying, “You will be of no use to me. First of all, I never instructed you to do anything. I never requested you to swap. I swapped with that person That’s what I intended.”

Shakeel retorted, “You still made the swap, so I was beneficial to you.”

Looks like Saud is still angry that Sarfaraz dropped him for 33 matches

And this is not the way to treat a young person (very unfortunate) #PAKvAUS #PAKvsAUS #BabarAzam𓃵

– Hessie Rock | PZ💛 (@hesy_rock) 4 December 2023

In a separate incident during an intra-squad practice match ahead of their trip to face Australia, Sarfaraz appealed for a time-out against Saud Shakeel.

Shakeel was taking an unusually long time to come out to bat. Seeing the delay, Ahmed demanded a dismissal, prompting Shakeel, who was casually walking towards the pitch, to run faster without wearing his gloves.

On reaching the crease, the umpire checked his watch and declared Shakeel not out. This caused a happy reaction from Shakeel’s teammates, who cheered and clapped at this funny incident.