HomeSports'Who else do they have besides Babar?' Gavaskar criticized Pakistan's batting

On Monday, Pakistan faced a crushing defeat at the hands of India in the Super 4 match of the 2023 Asia Cup in Colombo. This defeat was no less than a humiliation, Pakistan lost by a huge margin of 228 runs.

Speaking to India Today, Gavaskar did not shy away from criticizing Pakistan’s batting.

“In cricket, there are no ifs and buts. But the way Pakistan batted today, it seemed that if the game (first match) had continued, India would have been able to defend 266 runs on the second day. You guys know “There are, especially in Pakistan, keep talking that India has only one or two players. I mean how many players do Pakistan have? Especially in the batting department. Apart from Babar, who else do they have?” Sunil Gavaskar asked the question.

“When the opposition’s bowling team sits and analyzes their batting, they spend a lot of time on how to get Babar out. But I don’t think they will spend half the time on others. None of them are like that. That they will terrorize the opposition’s bowling group,” he said.

In response to India’s mammoth score of 356, the national team could only score 128 runs in 32 overs, which is India’s most important win in One Day International (ODI) cricket against Pakistan.

This defeat is Pakistan’s second worst defeat in ODI history, the previous record being a 234-run defeat to Sri Lanka in 2009.

It is noteworthy that due to continuous rain and damaged outfield, the important match between Pakistan and India in the Super Four stage of the Asia Cup was rescheduled from Sunday to Monday.

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