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ChatGPT was down globally heres what the company had to.cms

ChatGPT experienced an outage. Interruption Tracking Website — down detector — also received reports from many users claiming they were unable to access OpenAI‘s chatbot.
According to the report, around 91% of people face issues while accessing ChatGPT. Approximately 7% of users were unable to access the website and the rest were unable to log into their ChatGPT account.
Users also used X (formerly Twitter) to share about the ongoing outage.

What OpenAI has to say
While users were experiencing problems accessing ChatGPT, OpenAI’s official status page also acknowledged the outage. The company referred to the issue as “increased latency and bugs affecting both ChatGPT and APIs.”
Additionally, according to the official OpenAI Status page, the service is now back online and the lag issue has been fixed. “Performance is now back to normal,” the official page reads.
To verify this, TOI Technical team also tried accessing ChatGPT via web and mobile app and in both places ChatGPT seems to be working fine without any issues.

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