HomeTechnologyGmail makes it easier to unsubscribe with a new button.

Since its announcement in October, Gmail has added a more prominent ‘Unsubscribe’ button on the web.

Previously, Google announced a requirement for large-volume email senders to include a one-click unsubscribe button in the body of their emails. Now, Gmail is taking a significant step towards making this “Unsubscribe” button more prominent.

on the web version of Gmail, users will see a blue button next to the sender’s name, a verification checkmark (if applicable), and the sender’s email address. This marks a departure from the subtle version introduced in 2014, which included gray text and an underline.

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When the button is tapped, users will be asked to confirm their action before Gmail can proceed to “unsubscribe you by sending an email from your email account.”

This convenient shortcut also appears directly in the inbox when the user hovers the cursor over an email message. It’s located to the right of other options like Archive and Delete, providing a quick and efficient way to manage your emails.

While Gmail for Android has traditionally placed its Unsubscribe button in the top overflow menu, this larger “Unsubscribe” button may eventually find its way into Gmail for both Android and iOS.

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