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To make it easier for users to make reservations train ticket and availing other train-related services through the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) platform, Indian Railways offers an artificial intelligence chatbot in the name AskDisha 2.0. The chatbot offers users various services such as booking tickets and getting refunds, and even provides necessary information.
Here’s everything you need to know about IRCTC’s AI chatbot.
What is AskDisha 2.0
AskDisha 2.0, also known as Digital Interaction to Seek Help Anytime, is an artificial intelligence and machine learning based chatbot powered by CoRover.AI. The chatbot supports Hindi, English and Hinglish languages ​​and is available both on IRCTC’s mobile app and website.
AskDisha 2.0 facilitates various services offered by the train ticket booking platform such as booking tickets, checking PNR status, canceling tickets and more using simple commands.
Apart from these, AskDisha 2.0 also supports voice commands and offers users the option to access the service by using voice commands to access the services.
Services supported by AskDisha 2.0

  • book a ticket
  • Check PNR Status
  • Cancel Ticket
  • Get Refund Status
  • Change Boarding Station
  • Check Reservation History
  • View E-Ticket
  • Download ERS
  • Print and Share E-Tickets

How to access AskDisha 2.0?

  • AskDisha 2.0 is available on IRCTC’s website and mobile app.
  • Open image to access IRCTC website
  • Look for the AskDisha 2.0 logo in the bottom right corner of the homepage
  • Enter the required details or start typing your query in the text box below
  • Alternatively, you can click the ‘microphone’ icon to speak your command.
  • To use AskDisha 2.0 on your phone, download the IRCTC Rail Connect app on your smartphone
  • Look for the AskDisha 2.0 icon and start typing or speaking your query.
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