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Washington: Arguably the most terrifying planet in our galaxy HD 189733 b Maybe it’s not wrong.

According to NASA astronomers, this planet is one of the ‘killer planets’. To the human eye, this distant planet appears bright blue, but if any ‘space traveler’ tries to land on it, mistaking it for an eco-friendly planet like Earth, it will be the biggest and last mistake of his life.

HD 189733 B’s weather is deadly. Its winds blow at 5,400 miles per hour, 7 times the speed of sound. But regardless, what makes it scariest is the rain here, which consists of tiny pieces of glass instead of water droplets.

Getting caught in the rain is straight death without even realizing it. Moreover, this rain of glass occurs in a perverse direction with strong winds. That is, millions of small pieces of glass fly in an oblique direction at a speed faster than sound.

The cobalt blue color of the planet, which looks like an ocean from space, is actually clouds made of silicate particles in the planet’s atmosphere, which are constantly in the form of storms.

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