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California: The iPhone 15 Pro, which was introduced last month, has been reported to experience a rise in temperature after just a few minutes of use.

According to industry experts, the feeling of heat of the phone is due to compromises in the thermal system design by the company to make the phone lighter. But Apple attributed the problem to a bug in iOS 17.

Speaking to a foreign news agency, an Apple spokesperson said that users may notice that their iPhone Pro 15 heats up when they set it up, restore backups, and so on. Store, charge wirelessly or use graphics- or processor-heavy apps.

Users are expected to receive an operating system update (iOS 17.0.3) soon that will fix the phone’s overheating issue, but Apple has not yet said when the update will be released. will

According to the spokesman, these conditions are normal, after this process is completed or the phone is used, the temperature of the device returns to normal.

He said that if your device is not issuing temperature warning, you can continue using your device.

According to the company, a bug and issues like using popular apps like Instagram and Uber are causing the temperature to rise in the new iPhone model.

On the other hand, Instagram released an update to the application on September 26, which fixes the overheating issue.

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