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Pennsylvania: Can artificial intelligence (AI) get hungry? And for this he will prepare his favorite food? In this regard, American researchers are continuing to investigate.

A team of researchers in the US state of Pennsylvania is developing an electronic tongue that will simulate what taste feels like and how it will react based on wants and needs.

The researchers’ aforementioned project provides a possible blueprint for AI that processes information in a human-like manner. The researchers said that human behavior is quite complex, a compromise and interaction between our physical needs and psychological desires. Although artificial intelligence has advanced greatly in recent years, AI systems do not incorporate the psychological side of our human intelligence, for example emotional intelligence is rarely considered part of AI.

“The main focus of our research was how we can bring the emotional part of intelligence into AI,” said Saptarshidas, an associate professor of engineering science and mechanics in the team and corresponding author of the study recently published in Nature Communications. are.

He said that human emotion is a vast field and many researchers study psychology. Human behavior is easy to observe but difficult to measure, making it even more difficult to replicate in a robot. There is currently no comprehensive methodology for making artificial intelligence emotionally intelligent.

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