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California: X (ex-Twitter) CEO Elon Musk has hinted at charging a small fee on a monthly basis to combat bots on the social networking platform.

The social media platform has seen a series of changes since it came under Elon Musk’s ownership.

Elon Musk said during a livestream that the platform is going to charge a small fee on a monthly basis to use the X system to deal with the vast number of bots on the platform.

However, Elon Musk did not say how much X users will have to pay under the new plan or what features will be available to subscribers.

During the conversation, Elon Musk said that X currently has 550 million monthly users who post between 100 million and 200 million on a daily basis. Therefore, to deal with the problem of bots, a modest C fee will need to be introduced.

One of the executives said that the subscription would make it difficult for Facebook bots to create an account because each bot would need a new credit card to register on the platform.

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