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Paris: French authorities Apple has approved the software update released for the iPhone 12.

Last week, France banned the sale of the iPhone 12 in the country after it failed electromagnetic radiation tests.

France ordered Apple to recall all units in the country for failing to fix the problem. While other European countries had warned that they could also support France’s decision.

Challenging the iPhone 12 issues raised by France, Apple clarified that all lab test results from the company and third parties have been submitted to the regulatory body (ANFR). Which states that this device meets all legal requirements.

Later this week, on Tuesday, Apple provided French authorities with a software update for its iPhone 12 to address radiation concerns. Which was confirmed by the sources of the French Digital Ministry.

France’s move to ban the sale of the iPhone 12 has also raised concerns in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

Belgium also requested a software update, but the update was limited to France.

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