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Finding the right person on dating apps is already difficult, and to make the search even more difficult, Hinge verification not working can be extremely frustrating. Like most apps, Hinge requires your phone number to set up an account. This number is verified by entering the code sent to you. But what if you’re experiencing too many verification requests on Hinge? Well, we’re here to show you some quick solutions! let’s get started.

Fixed Hinge Verification not working

Fix Hinge Verification Not Working: Too Many Code Requests Problem

Your enthusiasm to find new people on Hinge wanes when you see that the first step of verification is failing. But rest assured, there are different ways to fix this problem.

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Check if you have entered the correct phone number and if you receive a verification code, make sure you have entered the correct number. If not, update the app, restart the device, wait for some time and try again.

Method 1: Close and restart the app

Simply remove the hinge from background apps by swiping up from the home screen to quickly refresh the app. Usually, this could just be a software glitch that will be fixed by turning it off.

Method 2: Enter code before expiration

Typically, the verification codes provided by the application during sign-in are one-time passwords valid for a certain period of time. If you don’t enter the OTP before it expires, you’ll need to sign in again. So, enter the code as soon as you receive it.

Method 3: Start the activation process again

If you are facing multiple failed attempts then try from the beginning to get the activation code again. Remember, however, that if you have logged in unsuccessfully more than the specified minimum threshold, Hinge will freeze your account for anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours.

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Method 4: Check if SMS service is blocked

Rarely, service messages, including verification codes, may be restricted by cell carriers. The apps send the code and PIN via SMS, and if your service is inadvertently blocked, you will not receive a code for verification. Contact your mobile carrier’s customer support to locate and unblock it.

Method 5: Check prepaid balance or bill due for postpaid phone plan

Hinge lists a prepaid phone plan as one of the primary reasons why your code may not work as it may not have active SMS service or sufficient balance to send or receive messages. Also, if you are on a postpaid phone plan, check if your bills are outstanding due to which you are not receiving the code.

Method 6: Contact Hinge Support

Finally, if the error persists you can contact Hinge customer service for personalized support. If there are server issues, you may have to wait.

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How to fix Hinge selfie verification not working

Selfie verification is a new and optional step to verify your profile on Hinge. This extra security step has been introduced to combat scammers or catfishers. Doing this will give you a new badge on your profile that will show others that your verification process has been fully completed and give them a sense of security when interacting with you. However, sometimes the selfie verification process on Hinge may not be working. In this case, follow these solutions:

  • Rearrange the order of your selfies.
  • Do not submit photos of glasses or sunglasses.
  • Send different sets of pictures.
  • Submit high resolution images.
  • Contact Hinge Support.

What to do if Hinge isn’t sending verification code?

If everything is fine, Hinge is still not sending the verification code:

  • Check and type the correct phone number.
  • if you have a prepaid plan service, then your verification SMS may not work, You can try another number if available.
  • Enable SMS service and let it run in the background.

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Now you can fix your ongoing problem hinge verification codes not working, and don’t waste any time in finding your soulmate! Interact and open doors to new relationships. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments section.

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