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In this digital age, we certainly love the sometimes unparalleled access to view, share, and screenshot an ex, distant relative, or old friend’s posts.

Currently, you may have seen Reels on Instagram introducing a feature that will show viewers who have taken a screenshot of a Story highlight. We can imagine your horror!

Today, we’ll see if this is really possible.

Can someone see if you take a screenshot of their Insta Story highlight

Does Instagram notify when you take a screenshot of a highlight?

No, Instagram does not notify the user if you take a screenshot of a highlight. There is no need to panic, you can take screenshots of general stories or highlights without worrying about getting caught.

How can I see someone’s Instagram highlights without them knowing?

If the highlight is older than 48 hours, the story view disappears. This is when you can see the highlights of the user without him knowing.

If you follow the account or the account is public, you can view the user’s story whenever you want. Follow the steps to view someone’s highlights:

1. Open Instagram and go to the account of the person you want to check.

2. Tap on them highlight,

Comment: Do not tap on their current story highlighted around the profile picture as this will show your view.

Tap on their highlight

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How to check who viewed your insta highlights on phone

We are always curious to know if someone is looking at us with keen eyes. Sometimes, it makes us wonder if there’s a way to see who has viewed highlights of our story. To do this follow our guide on how to check Instagram highlights view.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Do Instagram users get notifications for highlight screenshots?

Answer. No, Instagram does not inform its users about any highlighted screenshot through notifications.

Q2. Does Instagram notify when you screenshot a DM?

Answer. Learn from our guide to whether Instagram notifies when you screenshot a DM normally or in Vanish mode.

Q3. Does Instagram notify highlight views?

Answer. Yes, Instagram shows views on Story highlights if someone has viewed it within 48 hours of it being uploaded.

The good news is that Instagram will help you if you do. screenshot story highlights, but always remember to respect the privacy of other users. Now you can send the latest gossip to your friends without worrying about getting notified.

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