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Discord’s phone verification enhances the security of your account in the world of online connectivity. However, some people’s curiosity leads them to try to circumvent it. They do this for various reasons, such as maintaining their privacy or handling multiple accounts. Through this article, let us find out how to bypass Discord phone verification and pass the security layers successfully.

How to bypass discord phone number verification

How to bypass discord phone number verification

Discord requires phone verification for accounts suspected of spamming, violating terms of service, or using VPNs/proxies to prevent abuse and ensure platform security. However, not everyone who aims to gain access to Discord has malicious intentions. Let’s look at some of the methods you can use to bypass phone number verification on your Discord account.

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Here are the steps to bypass your phone number verification on Discord:

1. open discord go to your pc and go to My Account Menu in Settings.

2. get one virtual phone number By visiting the Receive SMS Free CC website.

3. copy virtual number and paste it in discord country code,

4. Click Send,

5. Copy receive code Receive SMS Free from CC Website.

6. Paste it the code in discord and enter your Password verify.

Method 1: Using a virtual or alternate phone number

One of the most common ways to bypass Discord phone verification Use a temporary or virtual phone number From apps or websites that provide such service. These numbers allow you to receive verification codes without revealing your real phone number.

Now, let’s take a look at how to bypass the phone verification process on Discord:

1. Open the Discord app on your PC.

Comment: Make sure you are logged in to your account.

2. Click on settings gear icon,

Click on the Settings gear icon from the lower left corner.  How to Know If Your Discord Account Has Been Hacked

3. from My Account click on the tab Add options next to phone number Field.

From the My Account tab, click Add next to the Phone Number field.  How to bypass discord phone number verification

4. Now, go to the Receive SMS Free CC website and select desired virtual number To complete Discord phone verification.

Go to the Receive SMS Free CC website and select the desired virtual number

5. Click on selected number To copy it to the clipboard.

Click on the selected number to copy it to the clipboard

6. Now, Paste copied number Select more in the field on Discord specified country code,

Comment: Make sure to delete the country code placed before the number and enter it in the Country Code field.

7. Then, click on Send,

Paste the copied number into the field on Discord and select the country code mentioned - Send

8. Switch On Receive SMS Free CC Website Tab And copy discord code received seconds ago.

Switch to the Receive SMS Free CC website tab and copy the Discord code you received a few seconds ago

9. Paste it it in discord verification code Field.

10. Now, enter your discord account password and click confirm To successfully complete the verification process.

You can also bypass the verification process by phone on Discord with some other apps that provide duplicate or virtual phone numbers like:

  • Dingtone: This app lets you call and text for free from another phone number. You can use this number to verify your Discord account.
  • PVACodes: This website provides non-VoIP phone numbers for various platforms including Discord. You can purchase a phone number plan and use it to receive verification codes from Discord.
  • CoverMe: This app provides you with a private second phone number that you can use for Discord verification and other purposes. You can also send encrypted messages and make secure calls with this app.

coverme app in playstore

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Method 2: Contact Discord Support

Another way to bypass Discord phone verification is to email the Discord support team at [email protected] and request direct access to your account if you have access to the email you used to log in . You can do this Explain your situation and reason why you can’t verify your account with a phone number,

However, this method may not work for everyone, as Discord may still require phone verification for some accounts for security reasons.

we hope you understand how to bypass discord phone verification With the help of this tutorial. You are now all set to enjoy a smooth Discord experience without any hassles. Share your questions or suggestions in the comment section below. Don’t forget to check out our website for helpful guides!

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