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The possibilities are never ending when it comes to AI. Now it’s gone up a notch with Microsoft’s Copilot app and iOS users have another reason to rejoice as they can use it too. Packed with features that will blow your mind, especially when you use Microsoft Word, etc., this AI tool stands out from the rest. We are sure you would like to know how to download and use Copilot app for iPhone. That’s why we’ve come up with this article to help you!

How to Download, Setup, and Use Copilot App on iPhone

How to Download and Use Copilot App on iPhone

iPhone users can heave a sigh of relief as they can download the infamous Copilot app and use it to take creativity to another level. Although the app is easy to download, it can be a little difficult to use. Don’t worry, follow the steps below to download and use Copilot app on your iPhone.

1. Download the Microsoft Copilot app from the App Store.

2. Now launch the app and tap continue,

3. When asked location accessSelect as per your choice.

4. Tap to use the app input location and type your Question,

Comment: You can use it even after signing in to your account. To sign up, tap Sign in And log in to your Microsoft account or create a new account.

Ask a question in the input space.

Tips for using Microsoft Copilot effectively

After signing in, it’s time to use Copilot effectively for best results. Below are some tips for doing this:

  • it is necessary to give clear instructions For constructive feedback.
  • You can also set your tone as per your choice in between creative, balanced and precise,
  • For greater efficiency, you can turn it on use gpt-4 Toggle.

use gpt-4

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What can a CoPilot app do on iPhone?

Microsoft Copilot is an amazing assistive AI tool that does more than just answer your questions. Below is a list of things this app can do for you:

  • Give Intelligent Responses and Solutions Which are supported by Open AI GPT-4 and DALL E 3
  • craft email For you who addresses your concerns while still being professional. Also helpful for getting a summary of a long email
  • Write Song For you
  • provide you with excel analysis By preparing formulas, making graphs, etc.
  • can help you Take notes, make to-do listsetc.
  • makes Images as per your instructions
  • create document And the pieces that are spotless
  • makes Word and PowerPoint more efficient

Comment: Some of the above features will be available only to those who have signed up.

Microsoft Copilot AI Review for iPhone and iPad

CoPilot definitely exceeds expectations as it comes across as a one-stop solution for tasks that can sometimes be dull, repetitive and time-consuming. So, let’s check out the review of Microsoft Copilot AI on iPhone and iPad below:

  • The ability to use this platform on your iPhone or iPad definitely makes you Productivity and efficiency become higher,
  • user interface is Simple and easy to use,
  • Unlike other AI chatbots, it goes on to answer even a simple question. It helps you gain deeper knowledge provide additional knowledge Except what is asked. However, it first answers the question and then provides additional information.
  • additional information provided Photos and links So that if you are interested you can know more.
  • However, if you don’t sign up, there are some things you won’t get to try like creation of images or Microsoft Office support, but it offers more than other similar tools. Web as a free version,

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. When was Copilot app released for iPhone?

Answer. The official Copilot app was released for iPhone 30 December 2023,

Q2. Can you use GPT-4 for free with Copilot?

Answer. YesYou can use GPT-4 with Copilot at no additional charge.

Q3. Can you download Copilot app for iOS 13, 14, and 15?

Answer. Unfortunately, at the moment, the Copilot app is only available on iOS 15 or later,

Q4. Can you integrate Copilot with other Microsoft apps and software?

Answer. YesBeing a Microsoft product, the Copilot app integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft apps and software and delivers amazing results.

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Go now and transform the way you work or study with the creative features of Microsoft Copilot. Create new images or write exceptionally well-written documents with the app on the go. We hope our guide helps you download and use Copilot on your iPhone. Tell us what you like most about this AI invention.

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