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Street view, satellite imagery, real-time traffic updates and detailed maps with places to visit nearby, Google Maps offers it all. When it comes to anything related to places, it allows you to not only find them but also save them for future reference. However, there have been several reports in which users have complained that the Google Maps app is not showing saved locations, forcing them to search for locations that they had previously starred. We completely understand your irritation, so without any further delay, let’s solve this problem.

Fix Saved Places Not Showing Up in Google Maps

Why is Google Maps not showing saved locations and how to fix this problem?

The Saved feature of Google Maps helps users to bookmark and organize places of their choice in the form of custom lists. It provides users with a quick way to navigate to their desired locations, even without an internet connection. If some starred places are not visible on the app, there could be the following reasons behind it:

  • Google account sync issues
  • Outdated Google Maps app
  • location permission issues
  • corrupted cache data

quick reply

Restart your phone and then the app to fix the problem. If the error persists, grant location permissions to Google Maps.

1. open Adjustment tap more Apps,

2. Tap on permissions,

3. under no permissiontap on Place choose more Allow permission only while using the app Or spend as much time as you want,

tip: Before you start troubleshooting, make sure you’re accessing Google Maps from the correct Google account if you have multiple accounts logged in to your device.

Comment: Since smartphones do not have the same setting options, they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Therefore, ensure correct settings before making any changes on your device. Steps performed Samsung S20 FE 5GAs shown in the pictures below.

Method 1: Basic troubleshooting solutions

We’ll start with some basic easy solutions that can potentially help you fix the problem faster. Let’s dive in.

Method 1.1: Set Map to Default View

Although this is a hit-or-miss method, if your Google Maps is set to Satellite or Terrain view, change it to the default view as it may show you your saved locations again. Simply tap on the icon as shown in the image and select default For map type,

Choose default for map type

Method 1.2: Give location permissions

If you haven’t given Google Maps permission to access your location, it may not show you your starred locations. Follow the steps to provide it:

1. open Adjustment tap more AppsAfter Google Map,

2. Tap on permissions and then in no permission section, tap Place,

Tap Permissions and then tap Location in the Not allowed section

3. Select allow all the time Or Allow permission only while using the app As appropriate.

4. Now open Google MapSlide up and enable notification panel Place From the quick toggle if not already enabled.

Slide up the notification panel and enable location from quick toggle

Check if the problem is resolved.

Method 1.3: Wait for server uptime

Sometimes, the issue discussed may be caused by a Google Maps server glitch in your area. Visit the official Google Maps status dashboard page and check if there are any Red Cross indicators for service outages. If yes, then wait for some time until the problem is resolved.

Google Maps Server Status

Method 2: Use Incognito Mode

Using Google Maps in Incognito mode has helped some users see their saved locations once again. follow the steps:

1. open Google Map And tap on your profile picture or icon on the top right corner.

2. Select turn on incognito mode From the menu and once enabled, check if the error is fixed.

Select Turn on incognito mode from the menu

Method 3: Troubleshoot network connectivity

If there is weak connectivity, Google Maps may not load and function correctly and will not show your saved locations. Check out our guide on how to increase internet speed on your Android to improve connectivity.

Tap Reset network settings

Method 4: Clear cached data

Google Maps may face a number of issues including inability to show marked locations if the stored cache data is corrupted or damaged. We recommend that you delete the files.

1 in Adjustmenttap on AppsAfter Google Map,

2. Tap on storageand then further clear cache,

Tap on Storage and then tap on Clear cache

Open Google Maps and check if it helped.

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Method 5: Update Google Maps App

Older Google Maps may be affected by bugs and glitches, due to which some starred locations will not appear on it. It is advisable to keep it updated.

1. Open Google play store And search Google Maps.

2. Tap on Updates if available.

Update Google Maps

Method 6: Re-login to your account

It’s possible that the issue discussed could be caused by log-in issues within the app. You can log out of your Google account and log in again to resolve this. However, to do this, you will need to completely log out of your account on the device. Check out our guide on how to sign out of a Google account on an Android device.

Tap Delete Account

Method 7: Re-enable the app

Google Maps is a system app on Android phones, so it can’t be uninstalled. However, you have access to re-enabling it which will eventually refresh it completely and may resolve your issue. Here are the steps you need to follow:

1 in Adjustmenttap on Appschoose more google maps ffrom the list.

2. Tap on disable on the bottom.

Tap Disable at the bottom

3. In the warning popup, tap disable app to confirm.

Method 8: Delete App Data

If clearing the cache data first didn’t help, we suggest you clear the app data for Google Maps. Don’t worry, doing this won’t delete your saved location data. Follow the path: Settings > Apps > Google Maps > Storage > Clear Data,

Tap Clear data

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Method 9: Clear cached data for Google Play Services

Problems with Google Play Services cached files can also affect the performance of Google apps, including Google Maps. Therefore, you have to delete them. follow the steps:

1 in Adjustmenttap on Appschoose more Google Play Services From the menu.

2. Tap on storage choose more clear cache,

Tap on Storage and select Clear Cache

Additional Tip: Try Google Maps Go

Well, if the error persists, we suggest you install a lighter version of the app called Google Maps Go from the Play Store and try accessing your starred locations on it.

Install Google Maps Go

We hope our guide helped you fix it Google Maps not showing saved locations Issue. If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comment box. Stay connected to TechCult for more solutions to such app-related issues.

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