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Imagine you want a premium subscription and you have two options, either get it by paying or get it for free. You would like the free one, right? With the Telegram Premium version offering voice-to-text conversion, unlimited cloud storage, and animated emojis, you may be wondering if it’s possible to get a free Telegram Premium subscription. Let’s try to find out!

How to get Telegram Premium subscription for free

How to get Telegram Premium subscription for free

Telegram is a famous social media platform loved by many users. With the launch of Telegram Premium, users got a chance to use the app in a completely different way with a number of features. Do you want to upgrade to premium but don’t want to spend the money? Unfortunately, there is There is no way to try a free premium account on this platform, You have to get the premium version directly from the app.

How to buy Telegram Premium and login

The login steps are the same for the basic Telegram account and premium account. Having Telegram Premium means getting access to the platform with different features and fancy experiences. So, don’t waste any time in subscribing to it and follow the steps given below to buy Telegram Premium:

1. open Wire Tap More on your device three lines In the upper left corner.

2. Now, tap Adjustment Of the options.

3. Swipe down and tap telegram premium,

4. Now, make your selection membership plan,

Select subscription plan.  telegram premium membership free

5. Tap on Salary The chat popped up on the screen.

6. Tick the checkbox Accept Terms of Service tap more Salary.

7. Select payment method And pay the amount.

You will now automatically become a Telegram Premium subscriber on your account.

What is Telegram Premium price by country?

Telegram prices may vary from country to country due to various factors such as third-party fees and taxes. Telegram Premium price by country is mentioned in the table below:

Country monthly subscription annual membership
United States$4.99$44.99
United Kingdom£4.69£40.99

Remember, the prices mentioned above may vary from time to time. These are meant to provide approximate prices only. You can know the exact price in your area from the Premium bot while subscribing to Telegram Premium by following the steps given in the above section.

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How to cancel Telegram Premium subscription

Follow the steps below to cancel your Telegram Premium subscription:

Option 1: Via Premium Bot

Follow the steps below to cancel your Telegram Premium subscription from the official bot:

1. open Wire Find more on your device @premiumbot In your inbox.

2. Open to talk and type /to stop send more.

Type stop.  telegram premium membership free

3. Follow up on-screen instructions To confirm the process.

Option 2: on Android

Here’s how you can cancel Telegram Premium subscription on Android:

1. Open Google Play Store on your device.

2. Tap on your profile icon choose more Payments & Subscriptions From the menu.

3. Now, tap membership,

Click on Subscription

4. Tap on Wire under you Active Subscriptions.

5. Tap on cancel membership On the next screen.

6. Take your pick Reason Tap more to cancel continue,

7. Tap again cancel membership To confirm your action.

You will be notified of your canceled subscription.

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Option 3: on iPhone

Follow the steps below to cancel Telegram Premium subscription on your iPhone:

1. Open app Store On your device and tap your profile icon In the top right corner.

2. Tap on Personalized Recommendations > membership,

Subscription |  Tap on Telegram Premium Subscription Free

3. Tap on Wire Under your active membership.

4. Tap on cancel membership.

5. Tap on confirm again to confirm your action.

How to get Telegram premium refund

You Can’t get telegram premium refund Because the payment is non-refundable and non-reversible. Validity will remain for the selected period even after cancellation.

Telegram vs Telegram Premium Review

Telegram offers additional benefits to premium users. Its value depends on a person’s usage and how he wants to use the app. It is more beneficial for channels and businesses. So, you can try with the monthly subscription initially and decide whether you want to continue or not.

Below is a comparison table to decide whether it is for you to use or not.

telegram premium telegram basic
Unlimited Cloud StorageCloud storage limited to 5GB
Double limits like 1000 channels and 20 public linksLimited channels and public links
voice-to-text conversionListen to voice messages and convert them yourself
No limits on media and document download speedsstandard limit on downloads
Unlimited pinning of chatsPinned chats up to 5
Real-time translation of textsno text translation
animated emojianimated stickers
Schedule when you send your messagessend messages at the same time
Display current activity using an emoji next to your nameNo current activity status on profile
profile badgeNo badge on profile
Set default folder, auto-archive and hide new chats from non-contactsBasic features for organizing chats
no adsAdd shown on public channels
Select the app icon for your Telegram app on your home screenBasic Telegram App
Infinite responses per messageOne response per message
animated profile pictureoriginal profile picture
premium stickersbasic stickers

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How to Contact Telegram Premium Customer Service

you can meet the officer telegram support On Google to contact Telegram Premium customer service. To contact Telegram Premium customer service follow the steps below:

1. Go to the official Telegram support site.

2. Enter your issue, email id, And phone number,

Enter email and phone number

3. Tap on SSubmit To send your request.

Although you can’t get telegram premium membership free, you can always subscribe to its plans and enjoy the new benefits provided by the platform. Visit TechCult to learn about your money saving hacks and keep reading our blogs for more. Leave your suggestions and questions in the comments section below.

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