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Gather around BTS fans, we know your love for Jungkook, Suga and Jin. Known for its catchy tunes, fashion, beauty and entertainment, Korean pop music has gained immense popularity across the world over the years with its dedicated fans. While many of you may be aspiring to be the next K-pop superstar, are you currently working on your own cover song? We have something for you called Kpop AI Cover Generator that can help you create amazing music, that too for free. So, let’s get started.

How to make kpop ai cover

How to Create Kpop Covers Using AI

AI K-pop cover generators are in demand these days. These tools create customized K-pop song covers using the voices of popular artists. Users can choose their favorite artist and upload a song, after which, AI produces a high-quality cover using the selected voice model within seconds. Moreover, you can also download it and share it on social media for more people to enjoy.

1. TopMediaAI

On TopMediAI, you can get access to instrumental versions of various K-pop songs. This way:

1. Visit TopMediai website. And if you already have an account then sign up or log in to your account.

2. Hover the cursor over AI tools Pick and choose options ai song cover From the drop-down menu.

Hover the cursor over the AI ​​Tools option and select AI Song Cover from the drop-down menu

3. Click on Try it now (for testing)since StartAnd follow the on-screen instructions for the demo.

4. Choose your favorite AI model, In trial version you may get limited options and then click Next Step,

5. Upload the file you want to make a cover song and click Finish go cover it up,

2. IMyFone MusicAI

IMYFone Music AI is another user-friendly tool that has an extensive sound library. You have to download it on your PC. It allows you to give a touch of your creativity to the artist’s voice.

1. Go to the official website of iMyFone MusicAI and select buy now Or try it free,

2. Download the app and once installed, open it and click AI Cover Generator,

3. Now, choose your favorite voice, upload an audio file and click on Start button.

Click on the Start button

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Voicify.AI is an online tool popular on YouTube and TikTok. Here’s how you can use it to create Kpop AI cover songs:

1. Launch Voicify.ai Official website on any web browser and CLick on get started,

2. Sign up Go to your account and select your preferred AI model.

3. Paste or click any YouTube URL in the text box Drop an audio file…

Paste any YouTube URL in the text box or click on Drop n Audio file...

4. Click Finally Generate AI Cover,

4. media.io

You can also choose Media.io online tool which helps in cloning the sound of your music and provides you with the best AI cover.

1. Go to Media.io AI Song Cover Generator website and click Sign up for free On the top right corner.

2. Once your account is created, click on Create AI Cover Now On the home page.

Click on Create AI Covers Now on the homepage

3. Now select your AI voice model, click on +Upload Click to upload your song create To generate a cover file.

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5. Covers.ai

Covers.ai has an extensive library of tracks in instrumental form. Here’s how to use it:

1. tour covers.ai Website. and click enter,

click enter

2. Select your preferred subscription plan and click try it now,

3. Either upload your own file or choose from an existing file, choose the sound model and customize the cover as you wish.

4. Click on Yield And your cover will be ready.

Best online tools to create AI cover songs with any artist’s voice

You can create an AI cover song with any artist’s voice using one of the tools below.



Musicfy is one of the popular sites for cloning music. Imagine Donald Trump singing! Yes, this is possible with Musicfy. It is a bit expensive but worth using. Select any audio file you want or simply start recording and make the modifications you want.

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2. Kits.ai


Another great site to try. It provides you with licensed and royalty free sounds. You can paste a YouTube link or upload an audio to get started. It also offers many other tools like separator tools. It is the only platform that works directly with artists to license AI voices.

3. turn over

If your focus is more on creating new models rather than modeling an existing one (though, it does have four models) then Revocalize is a great option. Audio is taken as input and given as output with the same sound as the singer. It offers many tools and features like real time auto tune, vocal track modification, etc.


Are you looking for the best voices? That’s it, find them on LALAL.AI. Simply select the desired audio and apply the effects you want. Its advanced AI algorithms are designed to give you the output you expect and want.

5. Singify

Singify is a free site with AI of various singers like Taylor Swift. You can choose from a variety of models. If you are new to this and want to learn how it really works then this site could be perfect.

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How to create AI cover songs on phone

You can create AI cover songs on the phone using MusicStar.AI. This AI cover generator provides you with information about different genres like hip hop, pop, rock, etc. Follow the steps below to use MusicStar.AI:

1. Go to musicstar.ai website on your phone and sign up or login to your account.

2. Select Style Enter the artist name and title if you wish.

3. Click on Yield,

Click on Generate

What is Jeon MYKT New K-pop Song Generator?

Jeon MYKT New Kpop Song Generator enables you to convert and remix songs. With this you can get your AI clone voice. You will have a large library of voice models to choose from and sing like your favorite singer. You can get two songs for free per week. But, its custom features are not free.

1. Go to the official Jeon MYKT New Kpop Song Generator website and select or upload an audio file.

2. Now choose your favorite voice, enter your email ID and click let’s go,

Click on let's go

3. Now, your song and voice will be merged into Jeon MYKT New Kpop Remix.

We hope our blog has helped you make your kpop ai cover, If you have any questions or suggestions for us, leave them in the comments section. Stay connected to TechCult for more such informative tech-related blogs.

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