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Discord has become the most preferred VoIP platform thanks to its countless features like instant messaging, multiple servers, developer bots, and more. Not only this, you can also send texts in different styles and have fun while talking to your friends. So how do you make larger text on Discord? Let’s find out the solution to this million-dollar question below!

How to make text bigger on discord bigger text trick

How to make text bigger or smaller on Discord

Discord offers a variety of text tricks across all browsers and apps. Making text bigger is a very simple process. Markdown is a text formatting standard used by Discord that allows you to make your words stand out.

Method 1: on PC

Without wasting any time, follow these steps and surprise your friends on your PC:

1. Open Discord and open Server On which you want to send text.

2. In the text box, enter Hashtags After this space and the Basic lesson Of your choice.

Comment: enter 2 hashtags For medium size font and 3 hashtags For smallest font.

Enter a space and your desired text after the hashtag

3. press enter,

Now your text will be automatically sent to the PC in larger font.

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Method 2: on mobile

You can format the font size on Discord by following the steps below:

1. Open discord app On your mobile.

2. Type in the text box Hashtags After this a space and your desired Basic lesson,

Comment: To send text in smaller size, enter 3 hashtags After that space and your text. For medium size font, use 2 hashtags,

Enter the hashtag followed by a space and your desired text

3. Tap on send icon,

Your text will be sent to mobile in Discord as longer or shorter.

What is the maximum text size on Discord?

there is no specification Maximum font size on Discord. However, the text limit is 2000 characters.

Can I make any text bigger on Discord?

Yes, You can make any text in large fonts on Discord as long as you’re using hashtags and spaces.

Is zooming in on text the same as enlarging it?

No,Zooming on text is not the same as larger text. When you zoom in on text, your entire screen will become larger.

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Now that you know how to make text bigger and smaller on Discord, play with the font size during conversations. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us in the comments.

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