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Pinterest has the unique ability to direct more customers to a company’s website. It does this by using attractive images, message boards and videos that encourage people to click through and explore the website. The key to converting Pinterest users into customers is through Pins. You need to be proficient in posting pins on your Pinterest business account if you want to do well at it. If you’re on Pinterest but don’t know how to upload and add images to a Pinterest board, don’t worry, we’ll walk you through the process.

How to upload and add images to Pinterest boards

How to add images to Pinterest boards

It’s a great way to collect your hobbies, express your style, and connect with like-minded people to create an engaging Pinterest board full of inspiring images. Adding images to your Pinterest board is a simple process that can be done on both Android smartphones and PCs, whether you’re an avid photographer, an art lover, or just want to showcase your favorite images. Below are some steps to easily share your favorite photos with the community.

Method 1: Upload Images to Pinterest from Android

You can upload your favorite photos to Pinterest board quickly and easily from your Android mobile. Here are the steps to upload a photo to the Pinterest app on mobile:

1. Open the Pinterest app.

2. Tap on plus icon located at the bottom of your screen.

Tap on the plus icon at the bottom of your screen

3. Select pin Option.

Select the PIN option.  How to add images to Pinterest board

4. Select desired image from your camera roll. Alternatively, tap the camera icon to take a fresh photo.

5. Tap to Proceed next,

proceed by tapping next

6. Add a suitable title and description on your pin.

7. Pick One pinterest board To save your created PIN.

Select a Pinterest board to save the Pin you've created

Once done, your pin will automatically be published under your desired board and your photo will be uploaded to Pinterest on mobile.

Method 2: Upload Images to Pinterest from PC

Are you looking for how to upload pictures to Pinterest board from PC? Here are some simple steps to enable you to create your own board with the photos that inspire you.

1. Log in to your pinterest Account,

2. Click on create at the top-left corner near the search bar, and then select create pin from the drop-down menu.

Click on Create and then select Create Pin from the drop down menu.  How to add images to Pinterest board

3. upload an image By dragging it to the specified area or by selecting it from your computer files.

4. Add a title, description and alternate destination website on your pin.

5. Choose an existing pinterest board Or start a new one to keep your PIN.

6. Click save in the top-right corner to upload your photo and add it to the selected board.

click save

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how to add pictures to pinterest comments

You can also add a picture under the Pinterest comment section. This way.

1. Open pin or image page in Pinterest under which you want to leave your comment.

2. Search comment box Scroll down to Pins, then tap add first comment,

Scroll down to the bottom of the pin to find the comment box

3. Tap on image icon which appears at the bottom-right

Click on the image icon appearing on the bottom-right section.  How to add images to Pinterest board

4. Choose any Picture You want to post from your gallery.

5. Tap Post And your comment will be posted below the pin.

Tap Post

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How to pin images from website to Pinterest

If you’re confused about how to pin images from a website to Pinterest, check out the steps below.

1. Log in to your pinterest pick and choose profile create The dropdown is located on the top left corner of the screen.

2. Select create pin of the options.

Select Create PIN from the options.  How to add images to Pinterest board

3. Upload Yours desired image Either by dragging and dropping it or by selecting the circular arrow icon.

4. Provide a suitable title and descriptionAnd append the desired destination link.

5. Select menu Select a board in the upper-right corner where you want to store this pin. Alternatively, you can kill create board to make a new one.

Select the menu in the upper-right corner to choose a board where you want to store this pin

6. Confirm your choice by selecting save,

Confirm your choice by selecting Save

we hope you understand How to upload and add images to Pinterest boards, Now, you can effectively manage and organize your Pinterest boards to showcase your interests and inspirations in an engaging way. You can leave your queries, suggestions or doubts in the below comment section to contact us. Also, you can express what you want to learn next.

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