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With its user-friendly interface, Discord has become an important communication tool for gamers around the world. Its wide range of features allows them to connect, chat, and strategize with fellow players. Therefore, it is normal for users to want to know how to use Discord on PS4 or PS5 without PC to enjoy uninterrupted gaming. Don’t worry we will help you. Let us know how!

How to use Discord on PS4 or PS5 without PC

How to use Discord on PS4 without PC

One of the easiest ways to use Discord on PS4 is to use it through the browser. Follow these steps to understand the entire process:

note 1: TeaHis method may or may not work because your Discord voice chat won’t work on a PS4 without a microphone or you’ll need to use the PS Remote Play app.

note 2: Users also need a physical keyboard to reply to messages as there is no Send/Enter key on the PlayStation.

1. On the PS4 homepage, scroll right and select Library,

2. On the left, select Application choose more Internet browser,

Select Internet Browser

Comment: You must have JavaScript enabled for the Internet to work. To make sure, press option button on the controller. choose Adjustment , Able JavaScript,

enable Javascript

3. Press Now Option choose more open a new window,

4. Enter the Discord URL and press Go,

open discord

5. Once the web page opens, Sign in With credibility.

Now, you can use Discord on your PS4.

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How to use Discord on PS5 without PC

To start using Discord on your PS5, you can connect your Discord account to your PlayStation account. This enables you to share insights into your gameplay and showcase your most played games on your Discord profile. Follow these steps to connect your accounts:

1. Open the Discord app and go to your profile,

2. Tap on connection,

3. In the Connections menu, select your playstation account,

Click on PlayStation

4. Then, sign in using your playstation credentials and follow on-screen instructions,

Sign in to PlayStation

Once you’ve successfully signed in, you can access the Discord connection settings. From there, you have the option to display your PS4 or PS5 account on Discord, allowing other users to see your most played games in your profile.

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How to Use Discord on PlayStation

Discord is officially available on PS5, but you can also use it on PS4 via a web browser by following the above method. If you want to use voice chat while gaming on your PlayStation, you can connect to compatible headset On your PlayStation controller or directly on your console. Additionally, you can use PlayStation Remote Play to chat with other players using your device’s microphone.

How To Iinstall discord PS5 beta version

To make sure you can use the Discord PS5 beta, it’s important to make sure your PS5 software is up to date. If your PS5 has automatic updates enabled, it should already be up to date. To sign up and install the Discord PS5 beta version, read our guide on how to update a PS5 to get the latest version of the console. Once the installation is complete, the Discord PS5 beta version will be available for use.

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When is Discord coming to PS5?

Sony introduced Discord on PS5 in January 2022 with the help of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Discord has changed the way gamers chat and play together, making it much easier to talk and make plans with your gaming friends. We hope you know now How to Use Discord on PS4 And PS5 without PC. Now invite your gang and take over the games!

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