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After a long wait, Madden NFL has released its new installment, and many are excited about the latest iteration of the series. But due to various errors not everyone is able to enjoy it. Are you disappointed to see that the won’t start error has appeared when you are about to enjoy the game? you’re not alone! Thus, we have prepared a perfect guide for you to fix it Failed to start game An unexpected error occurred while starting your game. On Madden NFL 23 on PS5/PS4 and Xbox Series.

Troubleshooting Madden 23 failed to start game on PS5 and Xbox 1

Fix an unexpected error that occurred when starting your game on Madden 23

The reasons for the failed to start game error on Madden 23 are server downtime, unstable internet connection, technical issues, or corrupt/outdated game files.

Quick Answer:

First of all, check if the server is down or not. if else restart sports and Remove any connected devices or additional USBs Then try playing the game.

If the server is active and you are still experiencing the issue, connect your PS5 to wired ethernet connection For more stable internet connection. If this doesn’t work, try the methods below on Xbox or PS5.

Method 1: Power Cycle PS5

This error on Madden 23 can occur as a result of a temporary glitch or bug in the system. so you can restart your console, If this doesn’t work, power cycle your PlayStation console and resolve the error easily. This will reload its resources and refresh the console to remove any bugs or errors or fix any lag.

1. First, press PS5 console power button For 5-7 seconds,

2. Now, upon hearing two beeps, unplug it console power line From the electrical outlet.

3. Hold for 30 seconds and turn on PS5 console.

Method 2: Update console and game

You can update your PlayStation console to fix any technical bugs. If the issue still persists, update the game by following the steps below:

1. Go to game library On your PS5.

2. Select madden nfl 23 and press Option button on your controller.

3. Select check for Update,

Select Check for Updates

4A. If the game is up to date, it will display The game or app you installed is the latest version,

4B. Select if an update is available Download and install To start the process.

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Method 3: Rebuild PS5 Database

Temporary cache files can become corrupt over time and slow down your device. To optimize your console, try clearing the cache and rebuilding the database using the following steps:

1. Stop it your console by pressing power button On the front panel.

2. Next, press and hold power button and then release it second beep,

3. Now, connect your controller and press ps button,

4. Select rebuild the database,

Select Rebuild Database

How to Fix Madden 23 Crashing on Xbox One/S/X

If Madden NFL keeps crashing on Xbox One/S/X, you can restart the console or the game, use quick resume To quit all apps from the background or change your console power saving option To Sleep,

Method 1: Update console and game

Game or console updates often include bug fixes, performance improvements, and new content. So it is a good option to check them regularly.

1. Go to Xbox Settings > System > Updates & Downloads,

Open Updates & Downloads

2. Finally select update console,

3. If there is no update available, it will display No console updates available In brown colour.

Comment: mark the checkbox for Keep my console up to date and my games and apps up to date,

4. Reboot xbox one console To ensure that changes are implemented immediately.

Follow the steps below to update the game.

at 1 xbox library screen, navigate to madden nfl 23,

2. press menu button on the controller and select Manage games and add-ons,

3. Select Update > Update All > Update,

select update

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Method 2: Change Xbox graphics settings

You can change Xbox graphics settings to low-latency mode for smoother and more responsive gameplay. Additionally, it can also fix the game failing to start issue or Madden 23 crashing issue on Xbox X/S:

1. Go to Settings > TV & display options,

2. Select video mode under advanced,

Select video mode.  Game Madden 23 failed to start

3. Choose Allow auto low-latency mode,

Comment: If the above option is grayed out, check if your TV has HDMI 2.1 support,

Method 3: Clear Xbox Cache

If Madden 23 keeps crashing on Xbox, it is better to clear the console cache for better performance. This is similar to a factory reset but make sure to follow the steps below to avoid losing games and data.

Comment: Once the settings are reset, you’ll need to sign in again and change your console settings.

1. Go to Xbox Settings > System > Console Information,

2. Here, select reset console,

3. Next, select Reset and keep my games and apps,

Select Reset and keep my games and apps

Method 4: Change DNS Settings

To avoid the ongoing issue on Madden 23, you can use the public Google DNS primary. Follow the steps below to change DNS settings on Xbox X/S:

1. Go to Adjustment choose more network configuration,

2. Select advanced settings,

3. Select manual and enter For Primary IPv4 DNS,

Select Manual |  Game Madden 23 failed to start

4. Then, enter Secondary IPv4 DNS As,

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Method 5: Clear Permanent Storage

There may be a lot of temporary files stored in your console as cached data. If these files are corrupted, it can cause Madden 23 to crash on Xbox One. So, you can clear permanent storage by following the steps given below:

1. press xbox button on the controller

2. in Profile and System tab, select Settings > Devices & connections,

3. Select blue Ray On the right panel.

choose blu-ray

4. Select persistent storage And then clear permanent storage,

Method 6: Clear Alternative Mac

Clearing the alternate MAC address can help fix network connectivity issues that can cause Madden 23 to crash on Xbox. Here’s how you can clear the alternate MAC address:

1. Go to xbox settings choose more network configuration,

2. Here, select test network connection Option to run a speed test.

3. Then, go to network configuration again and select advanced settings,

Select Advanced Settings

4. Now, open alternative mac address choose more clear,

5. Finally, create your resume WIFI router Like the Xbox console is restarting.

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If the game failed to start error still persists, you can reinstall the game or reach out to Madden 23 support for further assistance. We hope this article was helpful. If yes, please share which method worked best for you.

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