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If you enjoy photography, you’ve probably come across VSCO, and may even have an active profile. This app works as a social media platform for passionate photographers, where they can click, edit and share their work with their followers. Although it is famous for its creative community and image editing tools, it also raises questions about privacy and interactions. In this article, we’ll explore what people can see when you view their VSCO profile and content.

What can people see if you view their VSCO profile?

What can people see if you view their VSCO profile?

No, people can’t see if you view their VSCO profile. Although this app works similarly to other social media apps like Instagram and Facebook, unfortunately it exists There is no feature that tracks who views your profile and content, There are third-party apps that say they can provide this feature, but none of their claims turned out to be true. They also run the risk of intruding on your privacy.

Can anyone see if you click on their VSCO link?

No, the app is not programmed to monitor your content. Even VSCO Plus and Pro versions VSCO does not provide such features,

The only ideal way to get a proper count of how many people viewed your content is to Checking your follower count Since all your followers will automatically get the uploads on their home screen. But you won’t be able to see the usernames of people who have interacted with your posts.

VSCO Plus and Pro version

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Does VSCO tell you if someone takes a screenshot?

NoAdditionally, they also don’t have any features that prevent people from taking screenshots of your content and uploading it to other media pages. they do Provide the option to reshare content within your page, and you’ll be notified if someone reshares your upload. If you don’t want your art to be shared again, you can turn off this feature through Settings.

have you learned People can see if you view their VSCO profile Or not? If yes, then go ahead and explore VSCO without any worries! If you have more questions or need help with other platform features, feel free to leave us a comment. Until our next article, take care!

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