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This popular YouTubers account was hacked What happened and tips.cms

Sharan Hegde is an entrepreneur and founder of The 1% Club. YouTube The channel named ‘financewithsharan’ claimed that its YouTube account was hacked through its personal Instagram account.
In his Instagram post, he stated that his account was compromised and hackers started broadcasting Bitcoin prices live on his YouTube channel. Hegde claimed that the live broadcast on his YouTube channel showed that Bitcoin prices reached 100 thousand dollars, which means approximately 69,448.00 rupees.
Hegde stated that all content on the YouTube channel was deleted as part of the negotiations, but was later recovered.
His post reads: “The hacker took control of the account and started a live stream of Bitcoin prices reaching $100,000 – without my permission, of course. Within minutes, I received 100s of DMs from you guys informing me about this. Thank you so much for alerting me.” But unfortunately the channel was closed and I didn’t know what to do, my 3 years of work disappeared before my eyes.
Tips to keep your YouTube account safe
YouTube shared various tips on keeping YouTube accounts safe on its official support page.
Create a strong password: This is the most basic step in keeping any account safe. A strong password consisting of letters, numbers and symbols can play an important role in preventing being hacked.
It is also recommended that you avoid sharing your personal account information, especially your login credentials, with anyone.
Regular security check: Google offers a Security check feature with a Google account that allows users to scan their passwords and accounts for potential breaches and also take necessary precautions.
2-step verification: Enabling 2-step verification adds a layer of security for all accounts, including Google.
Remove suspicious contacts from your account
Uninstall sites and apps you don’t need
Update your software and back up your account
Protect against suspicious messages and content
Properly manage access requests: YouTube allows users to set access permissions to manage a YouTube account. Therefore, assign the necessary permissions to users you trust.
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