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Bigg Boss OTT 3: Bigg Boss sends shampoo to Shivani Kumari after she complains of lice in her hair; Munisha Khatwani worried about everyone’s hygiene – vopbuzz

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Bigg Boss OTT season 3 recently witnessed the following eliminations: Payal Malik from the show. With her elimination, the dynamics on the show have changed. With each passing day, the contestants are also revealing their true feelings for each other. In the latest episode, Shivani lice The feathers in her hair became the most talked about topic at home.
An incident occurred in the Bigg Boss house when Bigg Boss was summoned. Kritika Malik He took her to the confession room and gave her a few bottles of shampoo to help Shivani Kumar treat the lice in her hair. Bigg Boss told Kritika to give him the shampoo Shivani Kumari and to inform the other contestants to be a little careful in this regard. Kritika came out of the confession room and conveyed the instructions of Bigg Boss to the housemates. While most people took the matter lightly, Munisha Hatvani He looked quite worried and seemed shocked by the matter. However, Munisha continued to say that when Shivani had asked her earlier if she had lice in her hair, she had lied to her and said that it was dandruff.
When It is acceptable to you While she tried to calm her down, Munisha silenced her and stressed that it was a matter of hygiene as everyone was living in close proximity inside the house. However, everyone understood Shivani’s problem and supported her. Vishal went to Munisha and even told her to stop discussing the issue as it was not worth it. He asked her not to continue discussing the issue as it was a very personal matter and should not be discussed in such a way on a show. Everyone including Sana Makbul, Chandrika, Kritika, Poulomi, Sana Sultan, the men supported her.
In the latest episode, a huge fight broke out between Armaan Malik and Vishal Pandey after the latter hid his phone. The incident started when Armaan started calling Vishal ‘Machhar’, showing his irritation with him. Armaan’s anger stemmed from the recent incident where Vishal allegedly hid Armaan’s phone. He accused Vishal of lacking originality in his content and suggested that Vishal was only copying other people’s work instead of creating something new. To further provoke Vishal, Armaan added fuel to the fire by mockingly imitating his popular ‘Kacha Badam’ performance on TikTok.
Along with the challenge, there was also a Puppet Task in the show and Vishal Pandey won that task.

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