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Since we see a leap year this year, May 13th is the 134th day of this year, meaning there are only 232 days left until the end of this year. However, you will be interested to know that more than one event took place in the past on this very day. From the first Rajya Sabha to the completion of the construction of the Red Fort, many things happened that made May 13 more important than just another day. Let’s dig deep and know what else happened on this day in the past.
The construction of the Red Fort has been completed.
The Red Fort is an important monument of India located in Delhi and has witnessed decades of change in the country. However, in 1648, the construction of the Red Fort in Delhi was completed as it was the main home of the emperors of the Mughal dynasty for over 200 years.
First Rajya Sabha meeting held
The first Rajya Sabha meeting in 1952 was held in New Delhi today. Rajya Sabha is also known as the Upper House of the Parliament of India.
USA declares war on Mexico
In 1846, the US Congress declared war on neighboring Mexico. In 1846, Congress voted in favor of President James K. Polk’s request to declare war on Mexico over the Texas dispute.
Winston Churchill was declared Prime Minister of Great Britain
In 1940, Winston Churchill was announced as the new Prime Minister and announced his new policy, which involved nothing less than ‘waging war by sea, land and air’.
The first part of the fourth season of the Formula 1 World Championship took place
In 1950, the world saw the first Formula 1 part of the championship’s fourth season, which ended on 3 September. Many non-championship races were also held on the same day.

Death anniversary of popular novelist and writer RK Narayan

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RK Narayan is one of the most famous Indian writers of the twentieth century; He was born in 1906 and was also awarded the National Award of the Indian Academy of Letters and passed away on 13 May 2001.

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