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As we enter the second week of May, it feels like the end of the month is approaching. We usually get busy with our daily routine and activities, we often forget to keep our information bar updated and active. It is important to know what happened in history and what happened on this very day in the past. The latest episode of ‘The Golden Girls’ is airing and more information like this, let’s get to know more such clues.
The last episode of ‘Golden Girls’ was released today
The famous American comedy sitcom, which started in 1985 and told the story of Dorothy Zbornak, Blanche Devereaux, Sophia Petrillo and Rose Nylund, ended on this day in 1992. It was created by Susan Harris and has become a cult classic with a huge fan base. Worldwide with its light and entertaining comedy.
Christopher Columbus’ fourth and last voyage
Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer and sailor from the Republic of Genoa who completed four Spanish voyages across the Atlantic Ocean. These were supported by Catholic Monarchs to pave the way for Europeans to explore and colonize America.
The world’s oldest agreement was signed
In 1386, the world’s oldest treaty was concluded between Portugal and England, strengthening ties with mutual security and commercial ties between the two kingdoms. This is the oldest diplomatic alliance still in force between the two countries.
End of the American Civil War
On this very day in 1865, United States President Andrew Johnson issued a proclamation declaring the virtual end of armed resistance in the South, which was considered the end of the American Civil War.
Opening of the Australian Parliament
On 9 May 1901 the first working Australian Parliament opened in Melbourne. But the session took place on 21 May, indicating that this ending is important for all Australians around the world.

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May 12 was declared Mother’s Day all over the world to celebrate the efforts, love and sacrifices of our mothers. However, May 9, 1914 was declared the official date by US President Woodrow Wilson.

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