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In the political environment North KoreaA figure rose that caught the attention of international observers and signaled the possibility of a conflict. dynastic legacy. She is the sister of the current leader, who is known for his stance and influence in the secret corridors of power. this individual Kim Jo-Yongclose to Kim Jong Un sparking discussion about his potential to be next in line if the need arises.

Who is Kim Jo-Yong?

Born in Pyongyang, North Korea, on September 26, 1987, Kim Yo-jong, officially known as the youngest child of the late leader Kim Jong Il and his wife Ko Yong Hui, is therefore the sister of the current North Korean prime minister. , Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jo Young

Kim Jo-Young is the youngest child of former prime minister Kim Jong-Il and his wife Ko Yong Hu. Source: AP

Kim Jo-Yong, who studied in Switzerland with his brother, returned to North Korea and graduated from university. Kim Il Sung University He has a degree in computer science. His political rise began in 2007, when he was appointed assistant to the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK). He quickly rose through the ranks, became an alternate member of the Politburo, and served as Deputy Director of the WPK Publicity and Information Department.
Kim Jo-Yong’s role in state affairs became even more prominent after his brother came to power. He was instrumental in shaping Kim Jong Un’s public image and represented North Korea at various diplomatic events, including the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. His public appearances and political involvement fueled speculation about his influence within the North Korean government and his potential to succeed his brother.
In September 2021, Kim Jo-Yong was appointed as a member. State Affairs Commission He cemented the North Korean’s status as one of the country’s most influential figures. Despite his powerful position, details about Kim Jo-Yong’s personal life remain scarce due to the secretive nature of the regime. She is believed to be married to Choe Song, the son of a prominent North Korean official, and is said to have two children. His family ties and political roots place him at the heart of society. Kim dynastyThe country that has governed North Korea since its founding.
Kim Jo-Yong’s rise to power reflects North Korea’s dynastic politics, where leadership often runs through the family. His father, Kim Jong Il, succeeded his own father, Kim Il Sung, as the country’s founding leader. Now, as Kim Jong Un’s health and leadership come under scrutiny, the world is watching Kim Jo-Yong with great interest and considering whether he will continue his family legacy.
His recent activities, including making public statements on behalf of the government and assuming greater responsibilities within the WPK, political influence Growing. While North Korea remains transparent about its succession plans, Kim Jo-Yong’s importance in state affairs cannot be ignored.
As North Korea navigates its future, Kim Jo-Yong stands at the crossroads of tradition and modernity, embodying the potential for continuity or change in the enigmatic and closed state. Whether he will rise to his brother’s position remains unclear, but his current trajectory points to an important role in shaping his country’s destiny.

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