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What is the “Blaze Star” and when will it be visible in 2024? – vopbuzz

astronomers And stargazers they are preparing for something celestial show rarely nova explosionKnown as the “Flame Star” or T Coronae Borealis (T CrB) is predicted to illuminate the sky. This event occurred in the constellation Corona BorealisIt will be visible to the naked eye from Earth and will offer a unique opportunity to observers around the world.
About 3,000 light-years away, the “Flame Star” is a binary system containing: white dwarf and an old red giant. A white dwarf, an Earth-sized remnant of a star, exerts a gravitational force strong enough to separate hydrogen from its larger companion. This stolen hydrogen accumulates on the white dwarf’s surface, causing pressure and heat to build up until a thermonuclear explosion, known as a nova, occurs.
These types of nova explosions should not be confused with supernovae, which are more violent and signal the death of a star. In contrast, a nova does not result in the destruction of the white dwarf; Instead, it ejects the accumulated material into space in a bright explosion, leaving the star intact to repeat the cycle.

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The upcoming event is particularly special due to its rarity. T CrB was last observed from Earth in nova state in 1946. Historical records suggest that this eruption was first seen in Germany in 1217. The recurrence of T CrB’s nova explosions is shorter than average, and explosions occur at ca. every 80 years.
Dr. Rebekah Hounsell, assistant research scientist NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center expressed excitement about the upcoming event. He believes this will not only attract existing astronomy enthusiasts but also inspire the next generation of scientists. Nova is expected to be a catalyst for curiosity, encouraging young minds to observe, question and collect data about the universe.
Anticipation for the emergence of the nova is growing, as researchers note that the star’s behavior over the past decade reflects the lead-up to the 1946 explosion. If this pattern continues, the nova could grace our skies by September 2024. Once formed, it is estimated that it will be visible for about a week.
This nova explosion offers humanity a rare opportunity to witness a “once in a lifetime” event. For those who want to witness this event, the Northern Crown constellation will be the scene of this cosmic performance, with the best views expected during the summer months.
The event can be seen from Earth without the need for telescopes, making it accessible to a wide audience and allowing people from all walks of life to share the wonder of the night sky. As the countdown to Nova begins, the global community waits with bated breath for the sky to light up with the fiery glow of T Coronae Borealis.

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