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Lima: During the installation of a gas pipeline in Peru, workers discovered eight bundles of ancient burial goods said to be about 1,000 years old.

According to international media reports, archaeologists in Peru said that the site is possibly an ancient cemetery for children. A discovery in the Carabailo district of northern Lima suggests that the site was a burial ground for children who died of severe anemia 1,000 years ago.

Jesus Bahamonde Schreiber, an archaeologist at the gas company Calida, said poor nutrition may have contributed to the infant mortality rate. Additionally, 6 of the 8 burial bundles were found about 100 meters (300 ft) from the previous discovery of 28 graves.

Jesus also said that the Age of Children is believed to be between 1,100 and 800 years old, dating back to the ancient cultures of the pre-Inca Yishma and Chanke.

It should be noted that Lima, the capital of Peru, is home to ancient tombs, monuments and other archaeological remains of residential neighborhoods.

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