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Photo: Professor Geoff Diller, Aberystwyth University

Photo: Professor Geoff Diller, Aberystwyth University

Lusaka: At a historic site near the Kalambo Falls in the African country of Zambia, archaeologists have discovered the world’s oldest intact wooden structure, which is about 500,000 years old.

Regarding this ancient discovery, the experts say that this structure was made from the wood of a tree whose fruit was quite large at that time, while this structure was discovered in such a condition that the soil around it There was a thick layer which clearly shows that the wooden structure was also preserved in excellent condition.

According to the researchers, the wooden structure was built as an elevated walkway over marshy land, just a few hundred meters away from two of the world’s most spectacular natural wonders: a 235-meter-high waterfall and a 300-meter-deep gorge. found

According to archeologists, this choppy structure appears to be from the period before the beginning of the existing human species known as ‘Homo sapien’ in the scientific term.

Experts also believe that this ancient discovery is a proof that the people of that time also had a lot of understanding and they used their intellect to build this strong wooden structure that is still intact in the Sahih Salam Darya. was present.

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