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Rajasthan: A particular milk shop in the heart of Jodhpur is going viral due to its claim of handi fire burning continuously for generations.

According to Indian media, this unusual milk shop located near Sujati Gate in Jodhpur proudly claims that the fire on which the milk pot is kept has been burning since 1949.

Shop owner Vipul Nekob said that my grandfather started this work in 1949. This fire has been burning since 1949. The shop is open 22 to 24 hours on a daily basis with the milk traditionally heated over coal and wood fires.

Vipul Nikob added that this shop has been open for almost 75 years and we have been working from generation to generation. I am from the third generation and this shop has become a tradition here. Our milk shop is famous. People love it and so does ours. This is the reason why we are running a successful business.

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