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A social media user praised the girl's writing: Photo: Social Media

A social media user praised the girl’s writing: Photo: Social Media

New Delhi: It is normal for parents to scold and scold their children, but one girl gave an unusual reaction after being scolded.

An 8-year-old girl in India had a minor altercation with her father after the girl posted a ‘dad for sale’ ad on her door.

In the handwritten advertisement, the girl said, ‘Dad for sale, price Rs 2 lakh, ring for more information.’

The girl’s father, Mylan Koholak, posted a picture of the ad on his social media and wrote that after seeing the ad after a minor fight, I felt that I am not good enough for my daughter.

The video of the advertisement went viral on social media. Some users described the girl’s reaction as interesting and out of the ordinary. One user said, “My girls, maybe they should charge me only 20,000.” Some users were of the view that this should not have been done.

A user complimented the girl’s handwriting saying that beautiful handwriting used to be common but now it is almost gone.

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