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Maharashtra: A buffalo in the Indian state of Maharashtra accidentally swallowed an expensive gold ‘mangalsutra’ which was removed after a 2-hour long surgery.

According to Indian media, a buffalo accidentally swallowed an expensive gold ‘Mangalsutra’ in Washim district of Maharashtra. The estimated value of Mangalsutra is around Rs 1.5 lakhs weighing more than 20 grams.

The incident occurred when a woman placed the jewelery in a plate filled with soybean and peanut shells before taking a bath. After bathing she placed the plate with the husks in front of the buffalo to eat and engaged in household work. It was only after a few hours that he realized the jewels were missing. He remembered that he had put ‘mangalsutra’ in the fodder plate. However, when he saw, the buffalo had eaten the fodder and the mangalsutra was also swallowed.

The woman immediately reported the incident to her husband, after which a veterinarian was contacted. The doctor used a metal detector and confirmed that it was ‘Mangalsutra’. It is in the stomach of the buffalo.

The next day, the buffalo underwent a two-hour long surgery and the jewel was successfully removed from its stomach. After the surgery, the buffalo received 60 to 65 stitches.

Bala, a health officer of Washim, told media representatives that the metal detector found that there was some metal-like object in the stomach of the buffalo. The operation lasted for 2 hours requiring 60-65 stitches.

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