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London: A British design student claims to have created vanilla ice cream from recycled plastic for the first time.

According to media reports, although no one has yet tasted the ice cream made from recycled plastic, it is generally believed to taste just like regular vanilla ice cream.

As part of her final year project at Central Saint Martins Design School, Elonora Ortolani has used plastic to flavor ice cream.

Titled Guilty Flavors, the aforementioned project is inspired by the young student designer’s goal of how to reduce the amount of plastic in the world by recycling it. After recently hearing about a type of plastic bag-digesting insect that can digest plastic bags, Elonora began to think that if an insect can eliminate plastic by digesting it, so can humans. can eliminate it.

“I never thought I could actually make something edible out of plastic,” Elonora told Dezeen magazine. Furthermore, it was quite difficult to find a scientist interested in working with me on this project.

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