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New Delhi: German Ambassador to India Dr. Philipp Ackermann pointed out the ad in a local newspaper with the funny mistake and shared it on X as well.

According to media reports, an advertisement for boarding schools was shown in an Indian newspaper, but the advertisement showed the German president’s lavish residence in Berlin as the school building.

The German Ambassador to X shared a photo of the ad, which spoke of a large gathering of India’s leading boarding schools, but featured a picture of Germany’s Bellevue Palace, the equivalent of India’s Rashtrapati Bhavan. In the caption, the ambassador pointed out the contradiction and also humorously clarified that no child would be allowed inside the presidential palace.

He wrote that dear Indian parents! I saw it in today’s paper but this building is not a boarding school! It is the residence of the German President in Berlin. Germany also has good boarding schools but no child will be admitted here.

The post, shared by the German ambassador, has received over 58,000 comments and nearly 1,500 likes. Internet users have commented with mixed reactions. Some users said that such a mistake is possible only in India.

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