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New Jersey: A man in the US deliberately rammed his SUV into a house and the offices of the local municipal police department.

According to media reports, the aforementioned incident occurred in the US state of New Jersey, where the Warren County Prosecutor’s Office stated in a news release that 34-year-old John Hargreaves intentionally drove his vehicle into the Liberty Township Police Headquarters building and within the confines of a home. Intruded which caused a lot of damage.

However, police officials said that there was no loss of life and no one was injured in both the accidents. Hargreaves’ car pulled into the department’s squad room. The man got out of his car and raised his hands in the air and was immediately taken into custody by officers, authorities said.

The crash happened minutes after Hargreaves forced his vehicle into the garage door of a home in Liberty Township, security officials said, in an effort to harass the homeowner. Walked into Liberty Police Station as it was the closest to home.

Hargreaves has been charged with burglary, criminal mischief, terrorism, assault and damage to a police station.

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