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The competition for the slowest citizens has begun in Montenegro.  Photo: Reuters

The competition for the slowest citizens has begun in Montenegro. Photo: Reuters

Montenegro: In a small country in Europe, Montenegro, the annual laziest citizens competition has started. 1000 Euros will be awarded to one lucky person who stays lying down for the longest time.

Several days ago, a shack-like tent was set up in Brezne, a village on the outskirts of the city of Pluzine, where a cheap competition began. Last year, the person who stayed lying down for 117 hours was declared the winner. Even now this competition is going on and has been going on for several days.

The participants in the competition are very determined that they will set a new record and will not budge from here. 2021’s slowest 38-year-old champion, Debra Axes, said she is determined and in excellent health and management is taking care of us.

‘All we have to do is lie down.’ They said.

It should be noted that this competition has been going on for the past 12 years, which is hosted by Rodinha Blagohughes and the competition takes place outside his hotel. “We started this competition as a joke because the people of Montenegro are considered lazy so why not have a competition for laziness,” he said.

A total of 21 people participated in this competition, out of which only seven people are left and have been lying down for a total of 463 hours. Now let’s see who stays up late. During this time, sitting and standing are prohibited, while after 8 hours, only ten minutes of standing and taking angarai is allowed.

All participants are allowed to use laptops and smartphones. However, the participants also talk to each other to pass the time.

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