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Canberra: A three-inch (eight-centimeter) live earthworm was removed from a woman’s brain in Australia.

Hari Priya Bandi, the surgeon who operated on the woman’s head, believes that this is the first time that life has been removed from the brain.

According to local media, the doctor pulled out the cathwe with tweezers and it continued to move after coming out.

The research, published in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, revealed that the quechua was a larva of an Australian endemic species. However, it was not known to be a human parasite.

Dr. Sanjaya Senanayake, who conducted the research with Dr. Haribandi, said that he was on duty at the hospital in June last year when the tick was spotted.

He said that he received a call that a patient was suffering from an infection, a live worm had been removed from his brain. This was the world’s first human case of this type of catfish.

According to doctors, the 64-year-old woman started showing symptoms in January 2021. First there was stomach pain and cholera. After that fever, cough and shortness of breath started.

The patient was admitted to a local hospital in late January 2021 after three weeks of continuous illness.

Doctors said that by 2022, the patient had started experiencing forgetfulness and depression problems. As a result, an MRI scan was conducted which revealed an injury to the atypical tissue in the front part of the brain.

Dr. Senanayake said that the neurosurgeon had no idea that there could be a worm in the brain. After spotting the tick, Dr. Bandi pulled it out with tweezers and it was moving. Everyone present in the operation theater including Dr. Bandi was shocked.

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