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Pennsylvania: An American couple’s pet dog ate an envelope full of $4,000 in cash, but what’s really surprising is how the couple managed to get $3,550 from the dog. .

According to American media, Clayton Law, from the American city of Pittsburgh, told local news media that he and his wife, Carrie, were having workers fence their home. The labor was fixed at 4000 dollars.

He said that the work was short-lived and he left an envelope full of $4,000 on the kitchen counter filled with $100 and $50 notes to pay for the labor.

However, when they returned to the kitchen about 30 minutes later, the envelopes were not there. Meanwhile, he noticed that his pet dog, Cecil, was chewing the note.

He said that when I went into the room, some cash was lying on the floor, while most of it was empty. I immediately called Kerry and said that Cecil had eaten $4,000.

The couple rolled up the scraps of bills lying on the floor and painstakingly stitched them together, making a total of $1,500. The rest of them spent two days collecting notes from dog vomit and excrement, cleaning them, drying them and matching them with great difficulty by looking at the serial numbers. Finally they got the reward of this hard work and they received their full money.

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